Core Data Service

IT and Digital Capability Benchmarking

Colleges and universities use CDS benchmarks to inform IT strategic planning and build the case for new initiatives.

Want Data but Missed the Survey?

We can help you get the data you need! If you did not complete the CDS 2019 survey, you may opt to pay $1,150 to complete the survey off-cycle and gain access to data in 2020. Email us for details.


IT Data at Your Fingertips


Have you struggled to answer when a campus executive asks how your school's ed tech or information security services compare to others?

Do you need an easier way to pull together IT staffing and financials data for budgets and annual reports?

The EDUCAUSE Core Data Service is what 750 institutions turn to. CDS helps IT leaders like you make better decisions by providing peer data comparisons for key IT areas and services. There is no fee to participate.


Benchmark with CDS

icon bar chart on laptop screen with magnifying glass
Study your IT organization with metrics


icon quadrant with data metric symbols
Benchmark against past performance


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Assess your institution's digital capabilities


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Look at trends over time


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Have data available "just in case"



How Does CDS Work?


laptop displaying cds portal CDS starts with an annual survey. In it, you share data about IT staffing, financials, and services. Your data are then fed into a reporting tool you can use to benchmark your IT organization and compare against other colleges and universities.



What Can I Benchmark with CDS?

  • Total central IT spending per institutional FTE (students, faculty, and staff)
  • Percentage of central IT spending on
    • Information systems and applications
    • Enterprise infrastructure and services
    • Support services
    • In-house infrastructure
    • External providers
  • Central IT FTEs per 1,000 institutional FTEs
  • And much more

By the Community for the Community


CDS was created by EDUCAUSE members in 2002, and members have helped EDUCAUSE to evolve and improve CDS ever since.

Member working groups continuously refine the survey to deliver the most pertinent benchmarks for higher ed IT. The Analytics Services Design Panel periodically tests the data portals and provides opinions on analytics services.

Want to help us improve CDS? Email [email protected] to learn more and volunteer.




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