Dx: Digital Transformation of Higher Education

What Is Digital Transformation?

In the context of sweeping social, economic, technological, and demographic changes, digital transformation (Dx) is a series of deep and coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution’s operations, strategic directions, and value proposition.

Is Your Institution Ready?

Getting Ready for Digital Transformation: Change Your Culture, Workforce, and Technology
The digital transformation of higher education is at hand. This article concisely explains the coming shifts and how leaders can support them.

Digital Transformation Signals: Is Your Institution on the Journey?
Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. The digital transformation signals listed in this article indicate progress along the way and provide guideposts for the journey.

How Can You Learn More?

If you're an IT leader, it's important for you to understand the urgency and potential for Dx so you can guide your institution through planning and implementation of Dx-related initiatives. EDUCAUSE will continue to release resources to support you in this journey. In the meantime, use these resources to learn more.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2019 | October 14-17 | Chicago, IL

Top 5 EDUCAUSE 2019 Digital Transformation Sessions

  1. Digital Transformation: How to Know It When You See It

  2. Making Campus Apps Work: Connect with Students, Drive Engagement

  3. Customer-Centric Infrastructure

  4. Digital Transformation: Ideas are Easy, Execution is Hard

  5. Digital Transformation: Critical for Higher Ed, or Just Hype?