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2019 Students & Technology Study

Key findings on tech preferences, supports, and experiences

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Make better decisions and improve service delivery with ECAR research and analysis. ECAR provides user data, higher education technology trends and practices, and collaboration opportunities for IT professionals and higher education leaders. ECAR is dedicated to improving IT's contribution to higher education. Learn More >

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ECAR publications in the EDUCAUSE Library

ECAR research hubs, topic-focused collections of reports, interactive graphics, infographics, webinar recordings, and slides.


Understand IT Needs

ECAR student and faculty research; QuickPolls; and DIY Survey Kits for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Address Technology Challenges

EDUCAUSE Working Group meetings and projects

Dig Deeper with Data

Decision support based on ECAR and CDS data

Plan with Annual Issues, Technologies, and Trends Research

Top 10 IT Issues; ELI Key Issues in Teaching and Learning; Strategic Technologies and Trends; and Horizon Report

EDUCAUSE Research Team

The Research Team provides services through ECAR and CDS. Research programs are guided by EDUCAUSE members, Board of Directors, Executive Team, advisory groups, and expert panels.

Interested in higher education IT data benchmarking? See EDUCAUSE Core Data Service.