Mentoring is just-in-time help, insight into issues, and the sharing of expertise, values, skills, and perspectives. Mentors function as a catalyst—an agent that provokes a reaction that might not otherwise have taken place or speeds up a reaction that might have taken place in the future.

The Current Landscape for Mentoring

"Mentoring" often brings to mind a traditional model grounded in age-old practices, a decidedly formal relationship between an experienced colleague and someone less advanced in his or her career. Traditional mentoring has served us well but it does not scale. Modern mentoring incorporates flexible variations and innovations to improve the odds for success and accommodates a spectrum of career experiences and varying commitment levels with degrees of formality.

Mentoring matters and never more so than now. We have the power of many, each with something to give and something to gain through mentoring. You can find your fit as a mentee, a mentor, or both through a variety of mentoring opportunities offered by EDUCAUSE.

Mentoring at EDUCAUSE

EDUCAUSE is committed to providing opportunities for our members to engage, connect and create community.  Currently, EDUCAUSE offers the following mentoring programs to meet your professional development needs.

  • EDUCAUSE Community Groups Peer Mentoring

    • The EDUCAUSE Community Groups Peer Mentoring Program is for peers—people who participate in the same community group—with different experiences who would like to learn from each to enhance their professional growth and/or skill development. Differences can be related to career longevity, knowledge of service(s), experience with different institutions, different backgrounds, and more.

  • ID2ID

    • The ID2ID is a partnership program between Penn State and EDUCAUSE and provides instructional designers an opportunity to engage a community of colleagues across higher education institutions that share the same passion for advancing teaching and learning.

  • Mentor-match by appointment: at the Security Professionals Conference and the ELI Annual Meeting

  • More intensive mentoring experiences take place at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable and the Senior Director Seminar.

Applications for these programs are currently closed.  If you are interested in participating in mentoring with EDUCAUSE, complete this form to be contacted when the next application period opens.