Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

EDUCAUSE promotes professional growth and access to leadership opportunity among higher education technology professionals, welcoming individuals of all identities and demographic characteristics.

The Priority

The EDUCAUSE Board and leadership have established diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a critical priority for the association. Research demonstrates that diverse communities are more resilient, creative, and effective; however, few IT and academic technology organizations reflect the diversity of the constituents their institutions serve. In fact, higher education IT in general lags national trends in employment for underrepresented groups. We believe that inclusive and equitable organizations will be best positioned to the attract the caliber of talent needed in the years ahead and better achieve their institutional objectives.

Our Commitment

EDUCAUSE recognizes that long-term and lasting progress will require time, sustained effort, and the cumulative impact of incremental and individual actions. Each year EDUCAUSE will establish objectives for making measurable progress advancing DEI in three areas:

  1. We will help the higher education technology community build the capabilities needed to engender diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations and institutions.
  2. We will integrate an intentional DEI focus into the fabric of the EDUCAUSE member experience.
  3. We will, as a result of existing, improved, and new initiatives, realize a more diverse community of higher education technology professionals.

Our institutions are best served by a community that more closely reflects the demographic diversity of current and future generations of technology professionals. We bring a sense of urgency, commitment, and optimism to this essential undertaking.